Muslim Institute of Higher Education is committed to tirelessly endeavors for providing qualified education, arrange its activities according to national and international levels and as an Academic, Research and vocational center wants to promote compatriots’ capabilities in national and international levels. [ ....more ....]


Muslim Institute of Higher Education practically and theoretically presents academic, vocational, and professional services in accordance to Islamic and National values and in regard to Institute’s strategic plan and policies to compatriots. [ ....more ....]


We Are Willing To Invest In Education Sector As Making Universities, Institutes And Other Education Sectors. [ ....more ....]

We Are Biggest Investor In Education Sector In Ghazni. We Are in education sector since 2014

Muslim University established in 1394 in Ghazni Province , the university is well recognized university in the country with 4 department a part of our work separated to Muslim medical institute , the institute has 5 faculties. they are providing the best education ever all over the country .

Muslim University Provides DIT And CIT Certificates , the university is well recognized university in the country with providing other computer courses like CCNA, CCNP, Netwok Courses . The University Also Provides One Year Diploma Cours In English Language.

We have over 5 different faculties in our institute , each faculties of institute are well managed and regularly monitored by institute. Choose your best place to learn and choose your best program from our institute. Your success and bright future always be on the right university or institute and right program.

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