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Muslim University Has Invested In Four Different Sector, Muslim Institute Of Higher Education, Muslim Medical Institute, Nisar Muslim High School And Nisar Medical Center. We Are Biggest Investor In Education Sector In Ghazni. We Are in education sector since 2014

CEO Message

The exact definition of education is smoothing a direction where the humanities can make positive changes in their life, and the education syllabus or contents must be according to acceptable norms , I would like to categories the education into three important part : 1: formal education : where university take in charge of such education and this kind of education usually being following by a proper syllabus and after completion you may earned a degree certificate 2:informal education : where your going to learn practical knowledge and gaining experience rather than formal education 3: Necessary or work needed education , here your going more in specific form of education rather than general where your going to study each and every theories At end , I wish you all the best for all students in their fields

Ministry Of Higher Education License

Ministry Of Higher Education Had Granted Allowance For Muslim University To Work In Afghanistan. This License Includes Full Allowance To Muslim University To Work.

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